Paint Tube Organizer

This is the "Paint Tube Organizer" I made the other day.

I wanted to put it on my blog and let you know how I did it.

DIY Instructions:

1. Get a board, mine is about 1 foot x 1.5 feet, and maybe 3/4 of an inch thick. I think it is Pine.
2. Stain it whatever you want, or paint it. Mine is stained with a Dark "Espresso" color. I love dark wood, so that's why I chose it.
3. Take a line of tape and put it across the top. Nail in several nails across the top of the line of tape. My nails are 1-1/2" nails. They are strong enough to hold in the wood with the weight of a paint tube. I made three rows of nails, and I may add more for more storage. Also for the big tubes, I offset the nails so that there wasn't anything in the way below it hanging down. My big paints are Burnt Umber and Tit White.
4. Finally, attach Binder clips to each tube and hang them in whatever order you like! Enjoy!

I credit this idea to a pin I saw here. It doesn't have a very good description of who's or what this is on the website. But from the image, I was able to create something very much like it.

I won't be mounting mine on the wall like his is, but maybe once I get my studio we can figure something out.