Field Notes.

So i'm sure all of you have heard of these before, but I just wanted to put my two cents in. From all the good reviews and pictures I'd really like to have some of these. (And for those of you who don't know) They are good little notebooks small enough to carry around with you, they fit into pockets and look awesome too. The paper type is normally graph paper, but you can also purchase ruled or blank sheets as well. The notebooks come in packages of three for only about ten dollars as well as shipping. I'd say a pretty good price for these sturdy little books. I'm going to try to get some soon, as i think they might also sell them at book stores. I have to check. Anyways, hope you get as excited about them as I do. :) Peace.

Elemental Makeup

So I know makeup is like talked so much about in the recycling world, but I found a makeup that environmentalists can be happy with. It's good for you, it's recyclable and it's natural. It's called Aguaceuticals by Jane. It's just good! Get it, and enjoy it! Peace.