Paint Tube Organizer

This is the "Paint Tube Organizer" I made the other day.

I wanted to put it on my blog and let you know how I did it.

DIY Instructions:

1. Get a board, mine is about 1 foot x 1.5 feet, and maybe 3/4 of an inch thick. I think it is Pine.
2. Stain it whatever you want, or paint it. Mine is stained with a Dark "Espresso" color. I love dark wood, so that's why I chose it.
3. Take a line of tape and put it across the top. Nail in several nails across the top of the line of tape. My nails are 1-1/2" nails. They are strong enough to hold in the wood with the weight of a paint tube. I made three rows of nails, and I may add more for more storage. Also for the big tubes, I offset the nails so that there wasn't anything in the way below it hanging down. My big paints are Burnt Umber and Tit White.
4. Finally, attach Binder clips to each tube and hang them in whatever order you like! Enjoy!

I credit this idea to a pin I saw here. It doesn't have a very good description of who's or what this is on the website. But from the image, I was able to create something very much like it.

I won't be mounting mine on the wall like his is, but maybe once I get my studio we can figure something out.



Zaxby's Chicken

So today I made copycat Zaxby's chicken. I made crinkle fries and the sauce to go with it. And the recipes are all online. But here are the results: 


Spring is in the air!

Recently I've been getting ready for the spring Bazaar here at college! I've been enjoying making wonderful crafts like coffe mugs, catch-alls, knit headbands, button earrings and so many more! Here are some pictures of what I'm doing. I also  regret not blogging as much as I used to, here's a new start to trying to blog more. Happy Spring! :)

Sorry for the messed up images, but you get the point. These are some of my crafts! Can't wait to see you there! :)



So I'm sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time, college ate up all my time and currently I'm ignoring my math homework. So I figured I'd post.

Some things I've been doing:
  • enjoying my art classes
  • got a job at subway! 
  • being extremely busy with every breath i take
  • wanting to create more art! 
So i also, got a tumblr, which is why i haven't been on here. I abandoned this for tumblr, pretty much.. So yeah....

Also, I was thinking about creating a zine, and since printing here at school is free, it'd be really easy for me to make an 8 page zine to start off with, because i could print out five of the same pages double sided and make an art magazine, easily. 

Anyways, just thoughts! No pics sorry.


Crafty Dorms are Happy Dorms

I know I have barely posted anything since I've been here at HU, but that's because I'm just having waaay too much fun to be posting on the blog. I have done several crafty things this week, including tonight, that I want to share with you. I'm so proud of these projects I've already posted them on tumblr, but oh well. I like blogger, bust sometimes tumblr is just so much faster and I just use it for my random postings. But here is a list of what I've done:
  • Recycled Coca Cola cardboard Notebooks,
  • Began knitting fingerless gloves because its freezing cold here in AR,*
  • and made my own version of a Thatched wall with pages from a book (my mom won't like this one)
Here are the pictures:

*I don't have a picture of the fingerless gloves yet because they are still in the process of completion, but hopefully I'll finish them this weekend, so I can actually use them before it gets back to 80 degrees out. It may be the end of October, but the weather here is so funny. Oh well! Good night, its been a long day. Peace


Fabric Skirt

Here is a skirt I just made, here in my dorm room. I have my sewing machine here at school, so I whipped up my first skirt ever!

It even has pockets. I am so proud of myself! Also, another accomplishment is I sewed a pocket into this shirt I bought from Ross. I have yet to wash it, so we'll see what happens when we do. But this is me being creative at college! Now I have to ask, Hey mom do you like it?!?! Hehehe xD


Think Red Toms....

Then, think homemade shoes. I successfully made my first pair of house shoes! I just used material from a dress and scrap fabric I had laying around. And I made my own version of toms.