Welcome back, for those who dropped by to read my weekly interview. Today I am interviewing a very dear friend and sister of mine: Emily. She is two years younger than me and we are both very creative, although our creativity sometimes takes very different turns.  Her love for kitties, abstract art and poetry drive her creative mind. So without further ado, I give you my sister, Emily.

Emily eating Glazed Donut @ Winterfest (c) Tyler Mauk
First Name: Emily

Hobbies/ Interests: I love drawing and photography (when I have a camera), but my favorite thing to do is writing.  I love writing short stories, poems, and simple essays. Also, I like to create wire mobiles, and metal or clay sculptures.

What is creativity to you? Do you consider yourself to be creative? Why or why not?
Creativity is the ability God has given people to make things and shape stuff to look like what you want it to look like.  I am creative, because I know throughout my life I have found the ability to simply doodle a picture or bend some wire and make it look like a person's face or a butterfly.  I can tell it is a true gift that God has given me, because people tell me all the time how I have doodled something that would take them "years" to accomplish.

Do you strive to be unique in your artwork? Please explain.
Wire sculpture she made.
I do try to be unique in my art, but mostly by trying to make art that no one else has ever done before.  I don't like drawing typical objects or pictures; I try to give the viewer something different to admire or enjoy looking at.

If you could become one of your characters/works of art, which one would you choose? Why?
Haha, I don't know about becoming any of my pieces of art, because most of what I've made is abstract, but one of my older drawings I might like to become, simply because it was a cute, Anime version of me.

What is your favorite accomplishment?
I have a lot of pieces that I like, but I believe my favorite "sculpture" would be my white paper mobile, and my favorite drawing would be the detailed portrait of my friend Brandon.

If you could change one aspect of our society through your work, what would it be?
If there was one thing I could do, I would like to change the way people see beauty.  I haven't really thought about that much, but I would try to convince people through art that there is something more beautiful about things than their outer shell.

How does faith play a part in what you do?
More now than before, in my art I am trying to capture the beauty God gave to the world.

For more of her thoughts and artwork check out her blogs: We Lift Our Hands & For Who You Are 

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