Super Market

I just love super markets! Fresh fruit, baked breads, and the meat counter. Apples, green bananas, super low prices on toilet paper, KOOL-AID! and yummy scrapple... >P



      I am here to tell you about a wonderful bloggist and video-editing artist Mitchie from JustLikeEveryoneElse.  To me and her followers, her everyday views on reality are a true inspiration. Although she said she hasn't posted any of her creatively-mastered videos, from what I have seen, her videos are great. She shared with us a parody she created on Facebook, but that is private and I will not post it. Either way, I enjoy the unique mind of Mitchie, and I hope you do too.
First name/ preferred name: Mitchie

Hobbies/ interests: Video editing. I can't say it's necessarily a talent, but i adore the possibilities. I love being able to take some boring and make it spectacular. There are so many opportunities for creativity.
What is your favorite color? Does this color describe you as a person? Please explain.
My favorite color is purple. I wouldn't say this describes me as a person at all. Purple is the color of royalty - grace and suave. It's a smooth hue. If I had to pick a color to describe me, it'd be orange. The color of dork. Orange is awkward. It's bold and it...squawks. 

What is the best advice that you have been given?
I can't say I've ever really benefited from anyone's advice. The fact of the matter is..I'm human. I'm going to make mistakes. "Learn by experience" ..I wish someone would have told me that 5 years ago. 

Who do you look up to in your life? Jesus? Mother Teresa? Explain who and why.
My sister. If you ever asked me about her in person, I'd deny a million times over that I can even stand her. But the truth is, she's set a standard for me. She's not one of those whiny diva omg-i-love-my-boyfriend girls. She's practical. She's chill. We're still very different people, but I admire her attitude about life. She doesn't let garb get her down. 

What music is playing on your ipod right now?

My Ipod is buried in the dark abysmal of my room. But my Grooveshark account is currently swaying to the sweet words of "Here Comes The Sun" by the Runaways. Obviously, I wasn't around when it came out. But it still reeks nostalgia for me. Maybe my mom played it for me when I was little...but it's more likely because it's on the Parent Trap Soundtrack.

If you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend your day?
This may sound generic, but I'm picturing this formal-looking meadow...everyone I've ever loved is there. We're singing and laughing and admiring the simplicities and standing in awe of God's creations. Of course...soft indie music is playing in the background. It's my peace.  

In anything you do, how does your faith play a part?
I'm not sure that it really does anymore. It's sad really...I'm terribly off path from my Creator. It's like I've got ADD, and I'm constantly having to jerk myself back into focus. And every once in awhile, I'll temporarily humble myself, beg for mercy. But I never really change. I don't know how to get through to myself.
~this is MY life as Liz.


Let the interviews begin!

I have gotten several responses for interviews. So I will post some rules for myself in this 'project.'

Interviewers will be pre-selected, nominated or volunteered.
I will try to post someone every week, as long as I have supply. That post must be featured for at least a week.
I cannot interview the same person twice in one month.
Interviews are conducted through facebook, emails and/or phone conversations/ or in person.
I am allowed to edit interviews in the means of proofreading and formatting to fit my blog.
Any other rules, I'll post later.


~this is MY life as Liz.


Vintage House Finds.

Gotta love vintage. I can't guarantee these are ALL vintage, but I do know the women are. I found these pieces in my bathroom, they were my mother's but no one wears them any longer. In that case, I decided to photograph them, and possibly make some art out of them? Not quite sure yet what to do with them. ;)


Okay, this wasn't included in the last post. Here you go! Enjoy! Eat with your eyes! ;)

Lizzy xD


I have only made lasanga once. Here's the recipe I based it off of. I watched the episode on tv, when it aired and decided to try and make some. For a student, I thought I did a pretty good job. Since the finished product is still in the oven, I'll post post-baked pics later. Here's my rendition of homemade lasagna. :)

First brown ground beef. I don't use any of the extra sausage stuff for sake of expense, but this works just fine for me. Then add it to regular spaghetti sauce: on low heat.

Get lasagna noodles (i don't know how to make my own yet, but I'll figure that out some day.) Cook the noodles in boiling water, then strain and soak in cold water so they don't stick too much before you put the dinner together.

The white pan is what I used to bake it in.

Mix two packages of ricotta cheese, two packages of mozzarella cheese (leave about half a package for the topping), some Parmesan cheese, two spoon fulls of crushed basil leaves and parsley flakes. Mix thoroughly.

Okay, so maybe I used my hands to mix it.... ;) They were clean I promise!

Start layering: Sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce...until no more is left and then sprinkle the remaining mozzarella cheese on top.

like this...bake at 375 20-30-45 minutes. Depending on how fast yours cooks will determine the time.... Well I gotta go, mine is starting to smell ready! :)

Lizzy <3>
I've got about half an hour to kill before I head out the door to the Hymn Sing.

So, I've been trying for years now to learn how to crochet, and I finally think I've got it. I am trying my hand at Granny Squares. My great grandma made them, and I have been seeing several posts online at Craftgawker about bloggists' own Granny Squares. So although I've seen them before, I've never tried to make them. Today I began the process of learning to make one, although it is horrible, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'll be posting several pictures later of my squares. And I think I'll be able to crochet more things now because of it. Or maybe I'll just be addicted to Granny Squares for a while. ;)

Have an awesome day!