Day 4: Drawing Challenge

Here's two more drawings I did for the challenge. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and here's the list again, just in case you forgot. :)

4. The contents of your refrigerator. Okay, so I sorta got lazy and didn't want to draw all the details of the bags, sue me.

I don't have a medicine chest!! 5. Draw what's on your sink (not med chest...)

Oh, and here's a bonus shot of my butt, for all you guys out there, back off because I've got a boyfriend who can beat you up. Anyways, its a shot of my new shorts I just made. It was a lot of fun cutting them up and washing them because I couldn't wait to try them on! I hoped to have a pair already (store bought) but since I didn't have the cash, I just cut up an old pair of jeans and look what happened... :)

Yeah, this is MY life as Liz.... xD



This is my newest recipe for breakfast. Its really really really good! I think everyone should try this! Esp if you like Mexican food, its kinda spicy but mostly tasty.


Heat flour tortilla, with shredded mexican cheese mix on top in microwave.
Use Taco Bell's Fire Roasted sauce or mild salsa to mix with three eggs. Cook like an omelet.
As omelet finishes melt more of that tasty cheese on top.
Put on some of the most amazing bean and corn salsa, yeah you know what I'm talking about...
And dollop with Non-Daisy sour cream. Yeah, we don't do Daisy here...
Side with some seasoned waffle fries or toast or fruit or nothing. Add a glass of orange juice.
Then eat with a fork until you can eat the rest like a taco.
Enjoy!! :)

Day 3

The drawing challenge continues, and honestly today it wasn't as much of a challenge. I drew #3 my room just before it was cleaned, and no I have not cleaned it yet. I will after I post this... But my challenge was quite relaxing since its the afternoon and I don't really feel like cleaning.

3. Just before your room is clean,draw it. 

This is actually just a portion of dirtiness; I've got a lot piles of paper and art supplies as you can see. There is a frame, a coke painting, a binder of sketches, and a canvas. Can you spot them all? Also, there is a white bag of clothing not trash, just to clarify. I do have a trash can. :) 

Anyways until next time, 
~This is MY life as Liz.


Day 1 & 2 Drawings

Remember that list I posted of interesting things to draw way back when?  Well I've begun the challenge. These are the first two on the list and I plan to do either one or two a day, to the best of my ability. These are just sketches done in maybe 20-30 mins because I am too lazy to seriously sketch all the details to scale. I am a lazy artist sometimes. But I am hoping this quick sketching will keep me fresh this summer before college. Which reminds me: I graduated this weekend! I am so happy to have finished high school. We also had a rockin' awesome party on Saturday for me and my cousin! :)

1. Draw the contents of your closet.

2. Draw the inside of your desk drawer.

Also, hopefully if all goes according to plan, more interviews should be coming. Thanks ya'll!
~This is MY life as Liz.