I like sweaters, mostly. But sometimes they get old, messy and not usable... or so we think! The ugliest sweaters can be used to create new and usable products! I have made two different products out of my reject sweaters. Just in time for winter! :)

These are bracelets, they are not a tight fit, I will have to figure out how to make them tighter.

And these are iPod cases. The first one will fit a regular iPod touch/ phone. The second would fit a fourth generation iPod Nano

These aren't technically recylced, but they are upcycled most definitely! I stitched three (only two pictured) animals in these painted loops. The animals I thought were whimsical choices, and animals I love. I would love to sell these three as a set, but I think I'd need to do a little more advertising at this point and sell to those who would really buy. I am working on more of these loops, I want to do a kitchen set and possibly another set, but I have yet to come up with the ideas for it. Any ideas, let me know! Thanks :)

The owl in the tree.

A sailing whale.

The third (not pictured) is a red elephant with a heart.


Recylced Crafts

Here are some more crafts I've done recently.

Two bracelets made of white t-shirts,

five painted clothespins,

and a blue bead necklace with wooden bead clasp.

simple scarf

I don't normally get projects done so quickly, as I have five or six started and still need to be finished. But I was super excited about this project. It is a recycled, or upcylced as I like to call it, scarf. It is made from four used, but clean, t-shirts. I made the shirts into yarn balls, I used the same reds together and the same greys together. As you can see, the knit is a pretty wide gauge, that is because the needles I used are about size 35. The finished product is shown in these pictures here. I hope you like them, I know I find it really comfortable. My sister emily (the model pictured) liked wearing it for the shoot.

Emily doing a great job at modeling my scarf in the setting sun.

That bridge is in the woods behind my house.

Yes, this beautiful landscape is in my own backyard.