This is College.

Back of Someone's Head in English Class Sketch
This is college.
Some of this is decorations for my room.
Some of this is sketches from my sketch pad.
Art is my major. And some of this is from that class. I'll specify in each caption. I love doing art. I love sewing, design and making things.
Anyways... That's about it. Peace. Lizzy
Drawing and Comp Class

Sharpie color on Blue Wallet

Fire Hydrant Sketch

Drawing and Comp Class

Coasters I made.

Owl Design

Be Still and Know

My Desk at School

Adorable Mug

Drawing of my Suitemate.



Okay So I'm officially in college now. I have started decorating my room, but its not that good. So as school goes on I'd like to put up more art projects and make my room pretty. I might go scrounging in the trash can for some cardboard to make some art out of it soon. :D Anyways, more posts to come soon!
Happy Day! Peace