A Real Craft!

Finally! Its been ages since I've been able to post an actual craft, not just photography of something random. But I've got a really cool creation for you. Its a wallet, but not only is it a wallet but its a WALLET! I stitched and sewed myself, with the machine and my hand and for me, its pretty amazing. My friends really like it because it is recycled out of jeans and an old dress. I really didn't know how it was going to turn out: I didn't use a pattern at all. I at first was just going to make it a folding wallet, with no pockets, buttons etc. But in the course of a day it evolved into what I call a real wallet. The jeans on the outside, blue flowery lining. It features a coin slot with a zipper (yay!), a license or debit card slot and two sides for receipts, dollar bills etc. Any ways, let me share with you (dun dun dun) my wallet! 

It has a snap-closer on the outside.

 It can be folded up two different ways: one smaller like this...

 ...and one bigger like this. Usually I have to do this when the cards are in it.

I turned it inside out, so you can see the pattern and pockets.
I hope you enjoyed that. Its my first really detailed sewing project, so I'm mighty proud! Comment please and visit again! This is MY life as Liz.

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