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Hey I'm back for a brief time, still on break. I'm here with my friend Meagan, a writer. She, as far as I know, is a bubbly, happy for the most part person. She is probably talkative, but I don't know that first hand. But I will let you know that when I really get to know her. I hope you enjoy what she has written, as a sister in Christ she is a big influence and help to those she loves and knows. Heed her wisdom and enjoy!
Name: Meagan

Hobbies/ Interests: Writing. I don't know that I'm particularly good, but I enjoy it.
I love the feeling you get when you KNOW what you wrote is just…good. You get that overall feeling, like “I know this is great and I’m proud of it.” I live for that feeling.

So you like to write and your friends inspire you, what is your favorite book character you have read and why? Is it that you can see yourself or a friend in them that makes them inspiring or admirable?
My favorite book...it's hard to pick! I think I'll have to go with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Tuck Everlasting appeals to my girly, romantic side, the side of me that fully believes in romantic idealism. The Great Gatsby though, there's something so powerful about the story, I don't know what exactly...but it's lovely. As for the characters, I don't know exactly. I don't know if I can actually see any actual characteristics of my friends in them, but I know I love them!

What is your favorite color and does it describe you as a person?
My favorite color is pink! I think it fits me well, I'm girly and cutesy. I love the happiness of pink, the way it screams femininity.

If anything you created, wrote etc, had an odor or scent, what would it smell like? Why?
A scent? Wow, haha! I have to say that I assume it'd be something deep and 'manly' smelling. I love the way men's cologne smells, especially Play by Givenchy for men (so good!). If not that, it'd probably be something totally opposite, something sweet and pretty like my body spray which smells like cotton candy!

If you had to be any of these things, which would you like to be?
a) a member of the opposite sex, b) a clock, c) a pair of shoes, d) a duck. Please explain your choice.
I would pick A, that is if I could remember that in actuality I am a female. This is because I think it would be pretty cool to understand how guys operate. Pretty basic answer, I guess...but in the long run I think it would help me (assuming I can go back to being a female...please!) be a better writer, eventual wife and mother.

Is their any advice you could give the interviewer or readers?
If I could give any advice to...anyone...it would be to always love and cherish people. Always listen when they need you. Spend as much time as you can with the people in your lives. Read books with them. Talk with them. Visit them when they're in the hospital. Dance with them whenever the opportunity arises. Hold hands with them, especially when praying. Hug them and DO NOT be the first to let go. Take pictures of them when they aren't looking. Keep these pictures forever. Remember everything. Don't ever forcefully end a relationship or friendship. Cherish every little second and don't forget them. Cherish every aspect of their personalities, even the negative.
My friend inspire me!

Has your Christian walk defined or influenced anything you've created? How was that different from the inspiration you gather from friends?
Honestly, my Christian walk has not influenced anything I've written...yet. I'm not at a point in my faith that pushes something out so dramatically. I'm working on it, but my faith right now is very personal, very private. That doesn't mean I won't discuss it with you, it just means I'm not willing to go into deep detail. I can't really compare the two, but my best friend has influenced me so much. MacKenzie is the person who pushes me to write even when I feel lost in the jumble of words. She knows what I can do and expects nothing less than my best.

She says: "The picture “friends” is what inspires me. My best friends inspire me. The one with the braid is Dakota, and the one in the middle is MacKenzie. These girls…I don’t know where I’d be without them. They are my inspiration to do better and be a better “me” in everything I do."

Thanks Meagan for spending some time with us! 
~This is MY life as Liz xD

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