Rail Road Photographs

Hey, I am back after a lil bit of a break. But I have to warn you, I'll be gone again soon.
Last week was spring break and I took my nameless friend out to photograph old rail road cars by my house I have always wanted to do so. I love these old cars for their bright color, the rust and history. They have been uniquely placed at the end of the line, a train yard. My friend says authorities should make a museum of the cars. They own so many diverse pieces, she says, all the pieces have so many different functions. But I just eyed the natural beauty of the cars and rails in their habitat. There was a short passenger car, and a long one. A diesel engine with some sorta car part on it.
My friend walking
The coolest part of the tracks is they still have the old standards for train tracks and the new 1860s standard-- that's ancient history! Its well preserved, still stuck in the ground...

Long Term Passenger
I really felt the urge to climb the stairs and ride on the stationed trains, maybe explore the insides. But I refrained, deeming it unsafe due to the fact this probably was private property and we could get in trouble for being there.

 Short Passenger was so Awesome

I know you ride the short bus, but how about the short train? Boo ya!

Again, out of fear of being caught, I did not venture down the side of the hill and climb into the red (caboose?) train car at the end of the line.
One thing I really wondered about these set of tracks was, why are they on the wrong side of town? In fact, the wrong side of the hills. There was no visible connection between these tracks and the main line in my hometown, which connected to the main line of the whole system. Where did these tracks go? It was a mystery. But I guess that is the fun part of adventure: not knowing what your plan is, what you're going to see and who you'll be with when you experience it. I happened to be with my awesome friend (who has no name for the sake of privacy) on my way home from a relaxing week. 

Until next time, this is MY life as Liz.

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