Sewing Adventures.

I've officially deemed Sunday as interview day, and Monday as other post day. I won't spend any other amount of time posting on this blog since I've got three others to keep up with.

But tonight, I wanted to talk a little bit about my love for sewing. Since I was a little girl, I loved to sew. Or at least learn, I actually taught myself most of what I know about sewing. A middle school teacher I had taught me to correctly sew buttons and use a sewing machine, but I could thread a needle, sew hems and running stitches for a long time.

My sewing projects I've learned and have tried many times over to perfect and master are: cross stitching, hemming, samples, pillows and purses. Since I've grown older, my dreams have become clearer and more tangible: I'd like to purchase or arrange to get a sewing machine for my dorm room at school, and sew dresses and purses to sell for a little extra cash to either keep or donate to a cause, such as a mission trip. (We all need a source of income, and I want to be responsible and not greedy all at once!) :) The machine in the picture is the twenty-year old machine my mother has and doesn't use. But the needle had been broken, so I just replaced it this weekend. It weighs too much for me to take it to college with me. Sigh.

I have been somewhat successful therefore at hand-sewing, but you can not create as many wonderful goodies as you can with a machine. Here are some pictures of hand sewn items I have created.

Purse i made this weekend. Sewn pocket on front.

T-shirt Necklace

Jeans and shirts ornaments.

Cross stitches.

Knitting Bag.
Well that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed my creations.

~this is MY life as Liz.

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