Okay, so this isn't a "Craft"...

Here's a painting I recently completed. It sold at an auction for my school for about $50.00!! :)

I titled it "The English Rider." It is 18"x24". It was done in oils. 

I have a thing for oil paint. I just get into the mode when I sit down and paint (or stand and paint) and I forget everything around me. Sometimes I sing to the music but either way I get lost in thought and forget where I am. I can't forget what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing. But I forget the fight I had last night, I wonder and ponder questions. I day dream about college and getting married.  Anyways, before I give too many of my secrets away. This is my post for this evening and I'll see you back on Sunday for another interview, although it may not be Sunday, because I'll be traveling on spring break. We'll see. Have a good one!

~this is MY life as Liz. xD

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