Crafty Dorms are Happy Dorms

I know I have barely posted anything since I've been here at HU, but that's because I'm just having waaay too much fun to be posting on the blog. I have done several crafty things this week, including tonight, that I want to share with you. I'm so proud of these projects I've already posted them on tumblr, but oh well. I like blogger, bust sometimes tumblr is just so much faster and I just use it for my random postings. But here is a list of what I've done:
  • Recycled Coca Cola cardboard Notebooks,
  • Began knitting fingerless gloves because its freezing cold here in AR,*
  • and made my own version of a Thatched wall with pages from a book (my mom won't like this one)
Here are the pictures:

*I don't have a picture of the fingerless gloves yet because they are still in the process of completion, but hopefully I'll finish them this weekend, so I can actually use them before it gets back to 80 degrees out. It may be the end of October, but the weather here is so funny. Oh well! Good night, its been a long day. Peace

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