Day 1 & 2 Drawings

Remember that list I posted of interesting things to draw way back when?  Well I've begun the challenge. These are the first two on the list and I plan to do either one or two a day, to the best of my ability. These are just sketches done in maybe 20-30 mins because I am too lazy to seriously sketch all the details to scale. I am a lazy artist sometimes. But I am hoping this quick sketching will keep me fresh this summer before college. Which reminds me: I graduated this weekend! I am so happy to have finished high school. We also had a rockin' awesome party on Saturday for me and my cousin! :)

1. Draw the contents of your closet.

2. Draw the inside of your desk drawer.

Also, hopefully if all goes according to plan, more interviews should be coming. Thanks ya'll!
~This is MY life as Liz.

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