Summer Lovin'

Okay so no this is not about musicals, but I am lovin summer! I hope you are having a great one. I am coming to you from my room of course, but I am very sorry I have not been able to come to you any sooner. This summer (since the beginning of June has been the busiest summer I've had yet. And to think its almost over (mid-way through July just about) and its only forty days until I move into my dorm room. I hope I'll be posting a bunch more about my life when I get to school then. I have been doing my fair share of crafts, I'll post some pictures of my newest and greatest creations. Some I'm very proud of and some I'm not so proud of, but I'll show them off anyways. I have had one full week out of my four weeks of Manatawny down. Tomorrow starts the second week. So I have two more after that to finish before I move in.

Some accomplishments this summer include:
  • Winning 1st Place for Girls Best Bible Student at my week of Camp
  • Barely talking to any one in my graduated class thus far! 
  • And pretty much getting along with my youngest sister, Katie. That's quite a feat! 
Also, I got my sewing machine fixed, so I've started some new projects, I'll post pictures later. Other than that, my room is a mess... So gotta clean and pack before tomorrow! Have a great week everyone, see you later!

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