"JOY" Shakers

So I'm doing a VBS this summer with my church, the theme is JOY. So I have to plan the crafts. Here is the first craft I'm going to make with the kids.

You will need:
3 oz. Plastic Cups

1. Grab two small cups, put some beads into one of the cups.

Step 1

2. Tape the two cups together, creating a vessel with beads inside.

Step 2

3. Decorate the outside with the letters "J O Y" or whatever you want. Draw flowers, rainbows. Add stickers, whatever your heart desires.

Step 3
That is all! I have another craft for VBS I'm working on still coming soon. I'll probably blog about that one too. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

~This is MY life as Liz xD

1 comment:

  1. Is it possible or reasonable maybe to pre-sharpie "Joy" on the cups as you did beforehand, and let them color with whatever they'd like in normal markers? Just throwing out a suggestion.
    THANKS! :)