Pillows and Coke

Okay two things that I love: HUGE Pillows and Coca Cola!

So, this week in art class I made a huge pillow. And today, I took pictures of it with me, and I took pictures of me and coke!

I also love sunglasses: the coke has sunglasses on it! Therefore, I put on my sunglasses because today was an awesome sunny day.

And here are the pictures!


I love Coca Cola! :) 

And sleeping... my inspiration for a cone pillow is from here and here....

I call it "The Cone Pillow"

I tried really hard to make it a) circular, and b) like the pillow poufs and c) HUGE! But I didn't quite make it a) circular or b) like the pillow poufs. But it is still HUGE! My sister says she likes it because it looks like a flower. I said I wish I had enough left over fabric to make the flower pattern continue, but since I was using recycled materials (yay!) I had to use what was available.  Its blue fabric on the bottom and in the middle, I bought for another project. The flower patterned cloth is from an old dress I used to wear. I used recycled jeans material, it'll stand up to lots of use. Finally, I used old, blue t-shirt material.

Yes! My cone pillow is perfect for lazy days in the sun-- your arms, face and neck are steer clear from the annoying itchy grass. I also think its perfect for reading a book outside-- it props your head up at just the right angle to read! 

As you can tell this is something completely new that I have never seen before. Please be nice and mention me in your post or blog so that I get credit. Like I mentioned my inspiration in the paragraphs above. 

Thanks~ this is MY life as Liz <3


  1. Love your pictures of the coke and your pillow is awesome! :D