New Projects

I made these from different slices of fabrics i had laying around. I just got a new sewing machine (working) its a Singer "Talent" and I love it. It does everything I need it to do, and more! The more part is what I haven't figured out yet, but that's okay. I am taking the machine to college with me. Which, in fact, it is less than a month until move in day. I'm super excited. My room is pretty empty by now, I've packed all my clothing, and a lot of random things I'm taking. I won't list it all, in hopes not to bore you. But I have tons of crafty things which I don't know what I'll take or what I'll keep here, or get rid of. I am really trying hard to sift through everything. But you know us crafty people, we can't throw anything away. So most of it will probably come with me and the rest will stay here. 

This is a bag I made. Blue and yellow stripes.

Black and White Scarf. About Six ft.

Front side of Pink Skull bag. White Liner.

Back side of Pink Skull Bag. Perfect for school, with pretty purple pockets.

I hope you enjoy this weeks new crafts! Hopefully more to come before I go to school! Otherwise, see you then! Peace.

This is My life as Liz xD

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